Promotional Products

Using fun and friendly illustrations on promotional products is a natural way to connect with your clients and customers. People tend to “remember” visually, so if the art brings a smile and quickly gets your message across, the product has done it’s job.

And better yet, the product is often given to a friend or collegue so it’s life has doubled!

Milburn Taylor has years of experience working with clients and help them develop fun ideas for promotional products. While the tone is lighthearted, the message is serious, and is always designed to meet specific marketing goals.

For promotional products HumorGraphics works exclusively with Visit their site, look at their complete catalog, and when you find a product you’d like to get a quote on, please use our contact form and describe your needs. Milburn will get back to you asap to discuss the product and the kind of art you would like to use.

Here are a few examples of creative ideas and art for promotional products by Milburn Taylor/HumorGraphics:

This client transported cattle to shows, and took a lot of pride in it.
J. Alton Bauerle wanted something unique to offer to potential new tennants at Town Hollow Apartments.
Since the apartments attracted many young people and college students using a little bird character (JABbers) seemed like a natural. The glass stein was a big hit!
Cranfills Gap, Texas held an annual Wild Game Cook Off event, and wanted something fun to promote it.
T-shirts and other products were created as a part of their fundraising program.
In this case the wonderfully fun art was created by another artist. The button design was by HumorGraphics.
Dobie Center is near the University of Texas campus, and the client wanted to promote that fact.
They offer fully-furnished Austin dorms and other amenities, and are located
just off The Drag. They are within walking distance of The University of Texas at Austin.

You have to visit the fascinating Old Fort Parker historic site. They have events all year long,
and it’s a great place to take children.

A fun custom die-cut magnet.
In these Covid times we could all use a little cheering up!
HumorGraphics used this button as a self-promotion piece.